Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kirklin, Indiana ::: June 27, 2009

The man driving this team is my father and I am so proud and happy for him. After over 40 years, he is finally getting to pursue his dream of pulling again. The past few years have been filled with many obstacles, but I am so proud of him for what he is accomplishing. With his brother and son as his hitchers, the Kirlin Horse Pull made his dream a reality - the beginning of what I know are many years ahead of him living his passion. I know I am biased, but I truly think he is the most respectable and wonderful man I know. He is a friend to everyone he meets and I am truly blessed to call him my father. It was also a moving evening to have his closest friends and family there to support him. And, finally we all had the opportunity to watch Rex, the loved and encouraged horse to the right, in action. Congrats Dad on a job well done!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2008 Clinton County Heavyweight Horse Pull

Frankfort, Indiana
July 14, 2008
Bill McIntyre and Jim Arnold from Ecron, KY
2nd: Yoder and Hatfield from Lake Panasofkee, FL and Cromwell, KY
3rd: Ray Powell and Sons from Pleasureville, KY4th: Oscar Ethington from Pleasureville, KY5th: Gibson and Moore from Carrollton and Lockport, KYTo view more photos from this event or to purchase copies of photographs, please visit - click on the client image at the bottom right corner and enter the password: FrankfortHP2008 to view. You may also contact me by email at or by phone at 765-714-1223.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Results of the Clinton County Horse Pull

1st George Sandefur from Beaver Dam, KY Driver: Ethan Johnson Horses: Willie and Louie Load: 9000 Distance: Crossed2nd Yoder and Hatfield from Wildwood, FLA and Cromwell, KY Driver: Chris Hatfield Horses: Smuck and Bob Load: 9000 Distance: 21'7"
3rd Carolina Connection from Marion, VA Driver: Oscar Ethington Horses: Barney and Louie Load: 9000 Distance: 17'8"4th A.J. Thompson from Brazil, IN Horses: Abe and Tom Load: 8000 Distance: 25'8"
5th Bill and Joe Edwards from Crawfordsville, IN Driver: Joe Edwards Horses: Duke and Bob Load: 8000 Distance: 20'11"
6th Denny Hart from Bourbon IN Horses: Gus and Barney Load: 8000 Distance: 10'6"
7th George Biddle from Kirlin, IN Horses Rex and Kevin Load: 7000 Distance: 23'5"
8th Keith Heckathorn from Macy, IN Horses: Duke and Dan Load: 7000 Distance: 20'5"
9th John Milner from Rockville, IN Horses: Tom and Jake Load: 6000 Distance: 19'7"
10th Ray Collier from Fillmore, IN Horses: Buck and Bones Load: 5000 Distance: Crossed and WD

Clinton County and 4-H Fair Heavyweight Horse Pull

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