Thursday, July 12, 2007

Results of the Clinton County Horse Pull

1st George Sandefur from Beaver Dam, KY Driver: Ethan Johnson Horses: Willie and Louie Load: 9000 Distance: Crossed2nd Yoder and Hatfield from Wildwood, FLA and Cromwell, KY Driver: Chris Hatfield Horses: Smuck and Bob Load: 9000 Distance: 21'7"
3rd Carolina Connection from Marion, VA Driver: Oscar Ethington Horses: Barney and Louie Load: 9000 Distance: 17'8"4th A.J. Thompson from Brazil, IN Horses: Abe and Tom Load: 8000 Distance: 25'8"
5th Bill and Joe Edwards from Crawfordsville, IN Driver: Joe Edwards Horses: Duke and Bob Load: 8000 Distance: 20'11"
6th Denny Hart from Bourbon IN Horses: Gus and Barney Load: 8000 Distance: 10'6"
7th George Biddle from Kirlin, IN Horses Rex and Kevin Load: 7000 Distance: 23'5"
8th Keith Heckathorn from Macy, IN Horses: Duke and Dan Load: 7000 Distance: 20'5"
9th John Milner from Rockville, IN Horses: Tom and Jake Load: 6000 Distance: 19'7"
10th Ray Collier from Fillmore, IN Horses: Buck and Bones Load: 5000 Distance: Crossed and WD